"All I can ask is for prayer," says Pastor Glen Cochrane from Peguis First Nation and all the flooding that is happening.

Cochrane, the pastor of Peguis Church, is staying to help his community that is mostly being evacuated. 

"We're in the midst of a devastating flood right now," says Cochrane. "The last time I've seen waters this high was in 1974 and that was recognized as the flood of the century back then."

The main highway running through Peguis First nation was built up in the 70s after that flood. Cochrane shares that right now it's breached. 

"As of last night, 920 members have been evacuated to the city of Winnipeg that are staying in hotels right now. There's a band council resolution for a mandatory evacuation for the whole community of Peguis."

Pastor Glen Cochrane's home with flood waters reaching the base. Pastor Glen Cochrane's home with flood waters reaching the base. (Supplied)

Peguis has a population of roughly 4,800 people. The families and people who have been evacuated are staying at the Hilton on Wellington Avenue in Winnipeg. They are being asked to register with Red Cross as light meals and water is being supplied. 

"The water is still rising over the provincial trunk highway that runs through certain areas of the community. It's detrimental to so many lives. We have children displaced, parents emotions, thoughts and imaginations are through the roof right now."

Cochrane runs a Sunday gospel show on the radio and yesterday he had people calling in asking for prayer. 

"I'm reaching out to the prayer warriors to uphold my community in prayer," says Cochrane through tears himself. "I received a call from the Emergency Management Team yesterday during my gospel show and asked if he wanted to relay anything, and all he said was 'pray.' And that's what I'm reaching out to the people."

Cochrane is going to stay in Peguis to help those in the community with their needs. The water is at the foundation of his home, but with efforts yesterday to sandbag his home, people stopped at 8:00 p.m. as it's just too much.