Manitoba's Infrastructure Minister says the government is hoping to make the North Perimeter Highway safer and easier for motorists. 

The Manitoba government announced on Monday that it is launching an online public engagement for Phase 2 of the Perimeter Safety Review. The review will include the north section of the Perimeter Highway (PTH 101) from Portage Avenue to Fermor Avenue, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says in the release.

“The Perimeter Highway is one of Manitoba’s most important economic corridors. It is a key link in the Trans-Canada Highway and plays a strategic role in Manitoba’s economy by providing industry with access to world markets,” says Schuler.

“Engaging with the public will allow our government to consider the safest and most practical options to enhance the North Perimeter Highway while providing access to adjacent properties.”

The proposed changes include closing all non-signalled median openings and stop sign-controlled access points limiting the North Perimeter Highway to intersections that are signalled appropriately or have interchanges.

"Closing non-signalled access points would greatly improve safety by eliminating unprotected cross-traffic and unprotected left- and right-turning vehicles and would be safe for traffic entering or leaving the roadway by limited access to interchange and non-signalled intersection locations," says Schuler in the release.

Phase 1 was developed for the South Perimeter Highway in 2018. Safety improvements for the South Perimeter Highway included closing access and/or median openings at 26 intersections.

Improvements to the South Perimeter Highway are expected to be completed over the next several years.

To take part in the engagement, visit The online public engagement will close April 10.