Up and coming Canadian Christian artist Quincy Telus has just released a brand-new song called 'Where Were You.'

As a son of an RCMP officer, he moved frequently across Canada. Although he never questioned his faith, he knew God was always there.  

“Growing up, I just always had an immense amount of faith, always had that belief that Jesus died for me.” 

Coming from a family of musicians that played music all the time, he started playing the piano when he was nine.  

“My mom taught me the first level of piano, and then I just kind of took it from there.” 

Qunicy started writing songs when he was 13 and then released a couple of songs just after Grade 12 graduation. 

His new song, 'Where Were You,' comes straight from his journal.  

Qunicy has and continues to struggle with depression. 

“When I really started to struggle it felt like God had taken his hand off of my life.” 

During that time, a friend prayed daily for several months with Quincy. He said their prayers changed from, “God we believe that You can change all of this”, to, “OK God, this isn't changing, how can we live with this?”.  

Quite often he kept asking God, “Where were You?”, even though he was praying, reading the bible, and continuing to walk in faith. The song didn’t take long to write, as it was something he was going through and feeling so often. 

You can hear “Where Were You”, by Quincy Telus, in regular rotation on Reach FM.