Southern Manitoba is expecting some much-needed rain, though it may not be as much as many are hoping for.

Chris Stammers a meteorologist from Environment Canada, says a system currently in western Manitoba early Monday morning is pushing eastward bringing unsettled weather to much of southern Manitoba.

That system is expected to weaken as it moves east, and a 30 per cent chance of showers is forecasted for Winnipeg and the surrounding region Monday afternoon.

Stammers says another system moving in will most likely bring rain and possibly severe weather Monday evening and overnight.

"We're expecting thunderstorms to develop this evening and push through the city," he says. "That could bring anywhere from 10 to 20 millimetres is what it's looking like right now. It's welcome rain, probably not enough, but likely people will be happy with anything at this point."

Thunderstorms could turn severe for areas from the western Red River Valley through to the Ontario border. "It will be mainly a potential for hail and wind with it. It will be fairly fast-moving, so we're not expecting huge rainfall amounts with it ... but certainly, pay attention to any watches and warnings issued later today."

The special air quality statement that much of the province has been under was ended for southern Manitoba on Sunday as the smoke cleared from the region. However, Stammers says, northeasterly winds are pushing smoke from fires in eastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario back into Winnipeg and surrounding regions.

"It does look like there will be probably some smoke today, it's just a matter of how bad it gets. The rain will probably help, but there is a chance the air quality statements will come back." Stammers says meteorologists will continue monitoring air quality sensors to see how much smoke makes it down to ground level. He says it could be very likely that Environment Canada has to issue special air quality statements again.

Sunshine and heat are expected for the rest of the week, with daytime temperatures in the high-20s.