A group of individuals has set up a blockade of the Emerson border crossing, using a variety of trucks, tractors and farm equipment to block access. According to eyewitnesses, the blockade has stopped the flow of traffic in both the northbound and southbound lanes.

In an emailed statement, RCMP have confirmed the Emerson Port of Entry has now been blocked by semi-trailers as well as with farm equipment.

"We have officers on scene now, and are in the process of opening up a dialogue with the organizer," stated the email noting, as the situation is developing, RCMP expects to have further information later today.

According to organizers, the protest was set up around 11:30 pm Wednesday evening.

The group has sent a letter to the Premier indicating those involved have a list of demands including all pandemic mandates and proof of vaccination methods to end, as well as social distancing and masking rules among other things related to Provincial COVID-19 efforts and the end of the carbon tax.