An RCMP officer in Portage la Prairie saved two people from a burning apartment late last week. The incident is being described as a "serious domestic incident," by police.

The Manitoba RCMP says in a release that on February 15, 2019, at approximately 1:25 am, Portage la Prairie RCMP responded to a call of a fire and a possible domestic situation at an apartment complex located on 5th Street in Portage la Prairie.

The officer saw thick black smoke coming from the apartment when he arrived. He also heard a woman screaming coming from inside the apartment.

The officer entered the apartment and located a 41-year-old female and helped her escape from the apartment. 

The officer entered the apartment a second time and encountered a 38-year-old male who refused directions to leave. The officer then had to physically remove him from the apartment.

Portage la Prairie Fire Department, Emergency Services and RCMP officers assisted with evacuating the rest of the complex.

The RCMP says that officers believe that the male and female were in the apartment when the male started a fire.  The female tried to leave but was held against her will and suffered injuries as a result of the fire.

The female victim is currently being treated in hospital.

The 38-year-old male suspect, from Portage la Prairie, was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder, Arson-Disregard for Human Life and Forcible Confinement.

The Portage la Prairie RCMP continues to investigate the incident.