The RCMP says it is following public health advice by providing front-line employees with non-medical masks.

In a release this week, the RCMP says that front-line police officers can use the masks while on duty in situations where personal protective equipment (PPE) is not required but where physical distancing may be difficult or unpredictable.

"Wearing non-medical masks as a courtesy to your fellow community members is becoming more common. In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, the RCMP is taking these additional steps so that public can feel comfortable in engaging with police officers in their community," the release says.

"The RCMP understands that some people may be uncomfortable with a police officer approaching them with a mask on. We want to make sure that the people in the communities we serve know they can ask to see police identification if it is safe to do so."

The RCMP says that officers will be carrying one, or all, of the following with them:

  • RCMP badge
  • RCMP photo identification
  • RCMP name tag on their uniform
  • RCMP business cards with detachment phone numbers to verify their identity

In most situations, the RCMP officer you are interacting with will be able to provide you with identification or information to verify that they are an RCMP officer.