The expected crest of the Red River in Manitoba this spring is being pushed back a few days.

According to the province, the peak at Emerson is now expected between Saturday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 21 arriving at other points along the system in the following days and eventually hitting the floodway between April 24-26. Current projections have the crest between Emerson and St. Jean forecast at just above 2006 spring levels, with areas north of St. Jean just below.

Mitigation efforts continue in the region as well.

Manitoba Infrastructure is building a ramp on PTH 75 on the north side of Morris as part of efforts to keep the highway open for as long as possible. The peak water level on the Red River at Morris will determine the need for a closure over the next few days.

Work is also underway to ramp the north access of St. Adolphe at PR 200, and the highway ditches on the south end have been filled in to prevent water from backing up into town. Partial dike closures are in place at Emerson, and work is beginning Monday on the dike at the east end of St. Jean.

Efforts to help the Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation with high water protection around the cemetery have wrapped up as well. The province notes a partial closure at Letellier may be required if water levels continue rising toward the upper range of the forecast.