Lead singer of Remedy Drive, David Zach hit a huge roadblock when watching a documentary about child soldiers with his daughter when she looked up to him and asked, "Why won't God protect those boys?" That question led Zach on a journey that eventually sent him down The Exodus Road.

The Exodus Road declares themselves to be "a non-profit coalition that empowers freedom from sex slavery through covert investigation and rescue." Their work is dangerous but sadly necessary and David Zach joined up with them not to just see the work that they do but to actually play a role in doing it.  He's joined up with Delta Team which is stationed in South East Asia and has innumberable stories of lives changed but so many more that still need help.

We had a chance to talk with Zach this morning about his work with The Exodus Road and hear some of the stories first hand. If you messed any of it here is the interview in it's entirety.