A Winnipeg singer-songwriter reminds everyone to slow down and remember those who fought for our freedom with a song for Remembrance Day.  

Barbara Joy has been writing and recording music for 12 years. For one year she worked on a song called "Remembrance Day" and now she has released a lyric video for all to enjoy.

"I'm quite excited. It is a tribute to all those that fought in the war, that fought for our freedom," Joy says. 

"I wanted it to be said in a certain way because it's a special moment and a special day.

"When you listen to the song it's quite simple in a lot of ways. We wanted something that was meaningful and showed what it meant to me. I'm thankful for the freedom we have in our country.  The song is for those who make our country a safer, better place for those who are in uniform now," Joy says.

She took the time to develop the song because she wanted to stand out and to give people an opportunity to slow down and reflect.  

"I want them to remember the Flanders fields and poppies and have an appreciation for that. We live in such a busy fast society that it seems like we sometimes skip over things. So, for me, it was important that it was new and fresh from a Canadian artist with a contemporary sound, Joy says

She hopes that through the song, people will "say this is important we can stop and take a check and appreciate Remembrance Day," Joy says. 

While you listen, she asks that you stay "thankful for our country and what has been done for us." She hopes you will be able to "experience God's peace, love, and comfort," Joy says.