A Winnipeg musician and worship leader is sharing her song that combines peace and prayer over those we remember on November 11.

"Looking at Remembrance Day with COVID, we need to hear that. Peace this Remembrance Day and every day with the uncertainties with COVID," says Barbara Joy.

She shares that her church takes a Sunday to focus on Remembrance Day, and this year the message revolved around her song and the message of peace.

"It is a very special day. Just thinking about those men and women and what they did for us, what they have done so that we can have this beautiful peaceful country," says Barbara Joy. 

The sacrifice of many people for the freedom we enjoy is something that moves Joy to sing.

"You go to the cenotaph and cemeteries where you see all these stones and realize what was all done for us back in history and even through today."

The new song links peace and praying over those who fought and lost and those that still fight today. 

"Coming out of John 14:27, 'Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,.' Peace was just the word that the Lord was giving me for this next song for Remembrance Day."

Last year Joy put out a song about the famous field, Flander's field, where the poppies grow.  

"As we're remembering all those that lost their lives for our country so that we would have these benefits, Jesus Christ gave His life for us so that we would have the benefits of eternal life."

The song was recorded with Tailored Recordings in Winnipeg.