ReVITALizing Women Ministries is on a mission to help women across the city and the country find the love and grace of Jesus in their personal lives - to revitalize their lives with the new life.

The organization brings speakers, academic lecturerers, and experts to speak into the lives of women.

The next ReVITALize conference in winnipeg features reflective, informal, and conversational dialogues between women's ministry speaker Layna Jay Barkman, author of Time Warp Wife Darlene Schacht, therapist and Providence professor Glenys Wirch, as well as executive director of ReVITALizing women ministries Michelle Kauenhofen.

Michelle Kauenhofen also happens to be the event organizer. Here she is attempting to completely shatter any idea you might have that this is a typical conference filled with stuffy lectures by speakers separated from the attendees by a some big stage.

The whole thing takes place this Saturday on October 18th from 9am to 5pm at New Beginnings Church on 1073 St. Mary's. To register and to find more information, click here.