If you enjoy racing karts, chances are that you've probably wondered how well you would fare behind the wheel of a real race car on a real race course. If you can race some exposure around that desire, Richert Racing just might be able to make that dream a reality.

David Richert, a manitob-born and raise driver now professionally active in Tournaments and Cups across Europe, explains the unique perspective behind the Richert Racing New Driver Search contest, which looks for the most well-connected kart drivers in Manitoba.

"I realized early in my racing career that auto racing is a business first and foremost and that one of the main factors of determining whether or not you advance your career comes down to your financial situation. I think the Richert Racing Driver Search not only provides a major direct tangible reward, but it will also provide all participants with the opportunity to start building the ground floor of the business side of what they're doing. And at the end of the day, that is what will ultimately determine whether they succeed in racing or not."

Rather than searching for the best driver, this contest is searching for the driver that can get the most exposure. So have at, aspiring kart drivers! Details are all found on richertracingdriversearch.com!!!