A world-class Manitoba violinist is coming home for Christmas with a concert tour and bringing award-winning special guests along. 

Rosemary Siemens and her 'I'll be home for Christmas tour' is taking place in Manitoba from December 1-3rd. Her bluegrass band the Sweet Sound Revival will be joining her as well for this new annual tour. 

"I'm hoping that this is something that can grow bigger and bigger each year," Siemens says.

The award-winning singer and violinist says coming back home is such a blessing and that she is incredibly grateful for all the support she has received which is why she would like to do this tour annually.  

From radio and local newspapers to comments on social media, when she sees Manitobans interacting with her and showing support it's like "they're on the road with me," Siemens says.

"It's got something for everybody."

 Siemens married Juno-nominated saxophone player Eli Bennet who will be a special guest. They recently had a baby and the whole family including her parents will be on tour with her. They also launched a new musical duo called Sax and Violin.

"We are able to touch so many different audiences and do that together. It's a dream come true, and so much less lonely on the road," Siemens says. 

Her favourite song to sing and play with her husband is the song he proposed to her with; 'Can't help falling in love'.

From Bluegrass, jazz, hymns, sing-a-long, even a choir, the tour is filled with surprises and outfits with a lot of 'bling'. "It's got something for everybody," Siemens says. 

From every show, she hopes audiences will take away that "a little kindness this Christmas goes so long and you can really change a life," she says.

"Everyone has a gift, mine might be music but another gift could be to visit someone in the hospital, or monetarily, make a meal, share a hug, or share a smile.  I think it's important to do whatever we can to make a difference," Siemens says.

"This [tour] is really special because it really encompasses who I am as an artist," Siemens says.

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