Yep, you read it right! See those letters the Winnipeg Convention Centre used to have on the side of the building? They're made of brass, stand between 4 and 6 feet tall, and best of all - are for sale!

According to Salvage Supermarket, it's quite common that materials from demolished and dismantled buildings and structures are kept and resold to be used in other new buildings and structures. Mat Rurarz from Salvage Supermarket says the letters are a different story. "They're a specialty item - if we figured we could get them down into individual parts, we would."

Now they have! As of 3pm all of the letters were made available, and they've even been priced out. Since the convention centre had sported the old identity on three sides, there are three copies of each available, making for a grand total of 72 letters. According to division manager of the Oxford Street location, Walter Orzech, each of the two massive W's, each about 7-8 feet tall, will run you $250. They tiny "r" is just 80, and the rest of the letters, ranging from e's to s's to g and standing at mostly 3-4 feet tall, will run you between $80 and $110.

Are you a youth pastor looking for something interesting to decorate the corner of the hang space at your church? Look no further. There may not be a "J" for sale for Jesus, but there just may be a vowel or consonant that fits your decorative purposes nicely. You can find them online at