Sanctus Real has started a new adventure.  

"We never doubted our calling - but our calling wasn't necessarily to just be a band. We realized that our calling was to share about Jesus wherever, and however possible - on a stage using songs, at home with our families, or to those that we can help as they reach the next generation of believers," said Sanctus Real in a post on Facebook.

After 20 years of touring, 24 radio hits and full album sales exceeding 750,000, Sanctus Real have now started their own record label, Framework Records.

"If you asked us eight years ago where Sanctus Real would be NOW it would have been a really tough question to answer. I believe then, when it seemed our safest move would have been to call it quits, our hope was this: God wasn't done with us yet!" said Sanctus Real in a Facebook post.

The first artist that they have signed to their label is Dia Viola.  

Dia has experienced plenty in her life, including her mother being murdered three years ago. Her first single is 'Horses & Chariots.' 

"This song is based on 2 Kings 6. Trusting the Lord's work when it’s unseen," said Dia in a post on Facebook. "Easier said than done, but truth is truth."

Chris Rohman of  Sanctus Real says Dai Viola has a genuine heart to reach people with the hope of Jesus.

"Her musical journey is just getting started."