As a worship leader and songwriter, Sarah Kroger has always had a great relationship with God.  

When COVID hit in 2020, Sarah's calendar was wiped out and her career was put on hold. This led her to question God. 

"It was such a season of everything else being stripped away and just being in this awe and wonder at the presence of God being renewed in my life," said Kroger. "At the same time, I found myself walking through a season of deep questioning and wondering at God for the first time in my faith journey."

Sarah opens up about both sides of the experience on her latest album, A New Reality.  

"It feels like a collection of Psalms in a sense," Sarah explained. Psalms that talk about the glory of God and the wonder and awe of God, and psalms that are from the pits of darkness and despair and questioning and everything in between."

Sarah says the album's first single, 'No Filter', perfectly encapsulates her willingness to question while holding firm to the belief that God has her and has never let her go.

“It encapsulates what I’ve been walking through. I hope it allows space for people to bring their questions and not be held captive to fear.”

'Still Yours,' a response to the questions presented in “No Filter,” is a hope-laced reminder that God is still who He says He is.

“This song speaks to the history of my relationship with God and falling back on that history,"  Sarah explained. “That’s the beautiful thing about relationships, having a history of experiences with each other that a foundation of love is built upon. This is me saying, ‘I’m still fighting to choose You because I believe it’s worth it. Our story isn’t done yet."

A New Reality hits streaming platforms and shelves on May 17, 2024.