Scribe is gearing up for a busy summer, kicking it off with the release of his latest single. 

Troy Lydiate, also known as Scribe, is setting the tone for his upcoming album with his newest single, S.O.S. 

Send Help, the upcoming album, is set to release in August 2018.

"It sets the tone for the rest of the project," Scribe explains.

The title, S.O.S., stands for 'save our souls' and talks about a different side of faith, one that isn't often talked about, Scribe says.

"We say all the right things, we go to church, but for whatever reason, we don't feel freedom," he said. "That's what the whole premise of that song and the album is about, (which) is finding freedom."

Released on June 29, the track has received a lot of praise. Scribe says a common reaction has been that of surprise, with listeners saying they don't often hear songs with a darker tone being used as a single. The Manitoba-raised rapper says that was intentional. He sees the single as part of an experience. He also knows that the message is important.

"I came to realize that a lot of times we're trying to come up with solutions to things on our own," he said. "I know where my help comes from, sometimes it just requires me to give up everything I think I know and say 'send help.'"

Going from rapper to actor

Scribe also had a chance to test out his acting chops recently, picking up the lead role in a new television series called Afterlight

The show, filmed in Grand Prairie, Alberta, will debut its pilot episode in August.

"It fit really well," Scribe said about the script. He says the character he plays is similar to him in real life.

Scribe was contacted by the director, asking if he wanted to be part of the show. He said he loved seeing the way television was filmed, saying it is very different behind the scenes.

The rapper also sees the show as a new way to grow his platform to reach people for Christ.

"It gives me different opportunities to share the story of God in my life," Scribe said.

Scribe says the show is family-friendly and can't wait for the pilot episode to debut.