ShareWord Global, previously known as The Gideons International in Canada, is seeing amazing success in its work to share the gospel in Cuba. It’s a relatively recent opportunity for the organization, having the chance to place scriptures in the country. 

"A few years ago, the Cuban government opened up for ShareWord," explained local member Randy Falk. "It's one of a handful of organizations to pass out scriptures, or scripture-based magazines, to the homes in Cuba. Being a Communist country, we are just so excited, and want to take full opportunity of the window that's available to us, while that's there, to let the Gospel be shared."

With that in mind, there is much more work to do, and ShareWord Global is hosting a banquet on March 8 at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church to talk about how you can help. 

"We've had 802,000 scriptures placed, 1,700 church leaders have been trained to place these scriptures and make these relationships that are needed, but there's still 1.7 million homes unreached," noted Falk. "Our goal is $1 million, we have $400,000 pledged, but we're still needing $600,000 raised to finish our mission that we've promised."

ShareWord Global may be a new name to some in the area, but the organization is well known by its previous moniker Gideons International in Canada.

"We've been placing scriptures in hotels across Canada, the U.S. and around the world for many years now," he explained. "You've probably seen them in hotel rooms in drawers. Also, in some places, we still do to Grade 5 students, so we hand out the testament some of you guys might have at home."

Falk stressed the organization is working more on relational-based evangelism.

"You need that relationship to be formed for people to be interested, and for that kind of thing to stick, and that's why we're really working toward that relationship."

The upcoming banquet will be a time for learning and sharing, but also an opportunity to provide financial support for the work of ShareWord Global. There will be a speaker, testimonies of a recent GO Trip who went to Nicaragua and some music, too.

"I had a Gideon member come and speak at my church, and I really felt on my heart the need to go talk to the man, and within a few weeks I was a member," shared Falk on how he became involved. "I've always wanted to share the Gospel, and this is just giving me a means and something to hand out while I'm sharing and talking."

You can reserve complimentary tickets by calling Linda Penner at 204-325-8521. They are also available at Sun Valley Tire in Winkler, or by emailing . 

Listen to the interview with our sister station, CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner and Randy Falk.