American President, Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on Chinese goods are worrying book publishers.

Although China is known for the persecution of Christians, Bibles are regularly produced and exported from the country due to the special paper, printing technology and skills available there. 

Trump's proposed 25 per cent tariffs have been dubbed a "Bible tax" by American book publishers, reports Premier.

Publishers do not believe this is an intentional decision to limit Bibles in America.

Mark Schoenwald, chief executive officer of HarperCollins Christian Publishing says, "We believe the administration was unaware of the potential negative impact these proposed tariffs would have on Bibles and that it never intended to impose 'a Bible tax' on consumers and religious organizations."

Schoenwald says that the increased taxes will make printing the bibles in a specific format more difficult and therefore increase the price of bibles. The proposed tariff would also include children's books which are specially printed in China because of the waterproof and nontoxic materials required for printing them.

The Christian bookseller market and Christians resource organizations will be affected by the price increase.