With temperatures rising and falling all winter, the Forks announced this afternoon that the Nestaweya River Trail is officially closed for the season. 

This marks the trail's shortest season ever, only being open for two quick stints- from Jan. 25–30 and Feb. 13–17, totalling nine full days. 

“We know getting out on the river trail is a defining activity for Winnipeggers in the wintertime – the reason we’re able to clear, build, and maintain a trail at all is because of you the community, coming here all year round. The dollars you spend here allow us to build this amazing amenity for people to access for free,” says Sara Stasiuk, President and Chief Executive Officer, the Forks North Portage.

Stasiuk continues to say, “I have to hand it to our team and our partners at the Winnipeg Foundation for navigating some really challenging and unpredictable conditions this winter – we’re already crossing our fingers for a better year next year.”

There was hope that the trail might be able to open again, but with more mild temperatures in the forecast, the Forks was forced to finally declare the season officially over. The Feb. 17 closure also marks the earliest in the year the trail has ever been fully shut down, beating out 2017 once again when the trail closed a day later on Feb. 18.

The Forks is no longer monitoring or maintaining any portions of the ice and advises the public to stay off the rivers.

Weather permitting, the on-land skating trails in the Winnipeg 150 Winter Park will remain open. Skating and trail conditions are available at www.theforks.com/skate.