Jodi King from Love and The Outcome is recovering after emergency surgery this morning. 

On Monday evening, King was admitted into the hospital emergency room due to excruciating abdominal pain.

"Please pray for Jodi," says the couple on Instagram. "She’s experiencing excruciating abdominal pain and we are at the ER for a CT scan now."

King posted on her Instagram story that the cause of the abdominal pain was because of a ruptured appendix. She was expected to have surgery early this morning.


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This is not the only struggle that the singer and songwriter duo has gone through in recent months. Back in March of 2021, their house had flooded and they lost many of their belongings and music equipment. In the midst of the chaos, the band was working on their new single, 'I'm Not Lucky, I'm Blessed.'

King revealed that they were faced with the provoking thought of what it really means to be blessed during their interview on Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde. 

"One of my favourite scripture verses is in Psalm 100 and it says, "you are blessed when you stay steady on the course laid out to you God," King said.

Earlier this year in February, the band also experienced the misfortune of having their trailer stolen off their driveway. The trailer held all the possessions that they managed to save from their house flood. 

Now with King in the hospital because of a ruptured appendix, the list of the struggles they have gone through has gotten longer. However, that has not stopped them from realizing that they are still blessed and in the care of God.