Jodi King is sharing words of encouragement and insight for those who find themselves struggling in their relationship with God.   

“I am not sure if you have grown and changed, and where you used to find God just doesn't fit or doesn’t work anymore...I want to remind you that God is always finding you,” King says.  

King and her husband’s band, Love & The Outcome’s new single, “I’ll Find You,” aims to touch the hearts of its listeners who find themselves struggling in their faith. Whether it is doubts about their belief or finding themselves stuck, King assures her fans that God is constantly reaching out to His disciples.  

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“God is always finding you. God is always pursuing you. God is always loving you.” 

Back in 2021, King and her husband, Chris Rademaker, experienced devastation as their house flooded causing them to lose most of their belongings. In an earlier Instagram post, the couple looked back at the struggles they faced in the last year. “We’ve had our hardest year, but we have made space in our life and faith for grief and loss...and there is blessing in that.”  

The band hopes the new song will serve as a reminder to its audience that God is always with them no matter what they are going through.  

“God is finding us in the middle of our tragedy saying, ‘Hey, I’m here. I always have been,’” King encourages.