Jodi King, one half of the Christian band Love & the Outcome, is thriving as a wife, mother, singer/songwriter and now author, only because 'God's Got This'.

Her brand new book, You Got This: A Guide to Ditching Perfect and Showing Up for Your Real Life, is now available for purchase. It is a collection of 40 devotions that focus on God's truth and revelations.

"It all kind of came together in one big dream that unfolded step-by-step," says King.

Being in a band with her husband, having two kids while singing on stage and writing songs became overwhelming for King when she realized something.

"We were on the way to the writing session, I had spilled coffee all over myself, I was a hot mess and I just yelled out 'God, You got this? Because I don't.' Chris was like, that's it, that's your song."

This idea of saying 'God, You got this' was first written into a song that Love & the Outcome released in January 2020. After that point, the idea and title inspired King's first book, as well as their latest EP. 

"It's sort of a redefining of what it means to follow the Lord. The idea that imperfect is welcomed. That tour was so much fun because I didn't put as much pressure on myself. Some days I wore lipstick, and some days I performed in what I slept in the night before. I let people into where I was really at and let them see where my strength comes from."

In the midst of being a busy mom to two young boys, singing, writing, and trying to do all the things, King came to the end of her own strength.

"There are some days the to-do list gets done. Other days, lately especially, it's just a realization that if Holy Spirit hasn't initiated it, maybe I don't need to waste my time on it. Stress is not something that God does. He doesn't shame us or guilt us, those are not things from Him, that's me."

King had been journalling this way for some time and she realized that's when her perspective changed, rather than her situation. This made all the difference for her and that is what she hopes to give readers in these devotions. 

"I didn't realize the power that comes when you apply [God's] promise to your situation. When you don't just read a verse on a page but you literally take it and go 'I'm feeling heavy-hearted this morning but this verse I read this morning, the truth is that there is joy found in His presence. I'm going to take that promise and apply it to my situation and watch my day change."

You Got This by Jodi King.

Making the transition from Winnipeg to Nashville

King, alongside her husband and bandmate Chris Rademaker, were both born and raised in Winnipeg, Man. Normally the couple comes up to Manitoba to spend a month at the family cottage during the summer, but this year they didn't because of the pandemic.

"I love living in Nashville. It's really allowed our dreams to be realized in a way I didn't think was possible. It's a blessing and timely to be here but we are Canadians through and through."

Before moving to Nashville in 2012 after being signed by Word Entertainment/Warner Music Group, King shares that she probably performed in every church and bar in Winnipeg, and both bring back fond memories for her.

"We sold everything we owned in Winnipeg, put all that money into my first album, and lived pretty much out of our car, staying with friends and family across Canada for about two years. We were just believing that we heard God's voice say that these songs aren't just for you," says King. At the time it was just her and her husband.

She shares during that time, their families were wondering when the couple would put roots down, and where. After touring with the Newsboys across Canada, lead singer Michael Tait said the couple should show their music to a few labels in Nashville. So that's just what they did.

"Going to Nashville, signing a record deal, transitioning here really was so beyond our wildest dreams," she says.

King shares how after that, Love & the Outcome spent 200 days a year for two years playing shows and touring.

Motherhood and being married to her creative partner

Since moving to Nashville, King and her husband have had two sons, Milo and Ziggy who are just 18 months apart in age. After becoming a mother, King would hear doubts in her mind of whether touring with children was a good idea. 

"Some people say things and your mind likes to believe these things until I really stopped and said, 'no, I'm not going to partner with that lie' because I haven't been dragging my kids around the country, I've been called to this, and God will equip me for this."

While there are moments of struggle, King has learned to let many things go and trust God for the outcome.

"I'm sure every mom and woman can relate that as females, we feel this pressure, to just serve and fit in. We're so hard on ourselves. That's not really in the Bible. We're called to serve from a place of knowing who God is and knowing who we are, and that's different."

Love & the Outcome(Screenshot: Love & the Outcome/YouTube)

When it comes to working together creatively as a couple, King says she's learning which hat either of them are wearing in the moment. 

"It's funny. We've had to figure out, 'am I talking to Chris my husband right now? My bandmate or creative partner? Or Chris my business partner?' Because those hats are so different. It wasn't figured out overnight but we've got a grip on it now after being married for 16 years."

Chris and the boys celebrated King's book launch with a surprise day at a vineyard with a picnic included.