Charleswood area is home to a new rink, thanks to a mom who shovels the river behind her house for hours each day. 

Donna Bagu is a mom of two kids living in Charleswood. Her daughter Analiese is 10-years-old and Eaden, who loves to play hockey, is 11. They live just off the river in Charleswood.

"This winter, beginning in early December, I just said, 'Okay I'm going to start shovelling," says Bagu.

This was shortly after Bagu knew her son couldn't play on a regular league hockey team this winter. 

"I started shovelling and I didn't stop. It went from a little rink to a big rink. Then the snow fell and I tried to do the two full rinks again but it's tough because I'm just doing it solo."

The rink can be accessed by going to Beauchemin Park and walking down to the river or parking on Shelmerdine Drive in Winnipeg. 

The Bagu kids enjoying the frozen river.The Bagu kids enjoying the frozen river. (Supplied)

"I made a trail and my son helped me do all of it. We made a heart in the middle of the trail, and you can actually skate in the heart."

Bagu spends a few hours most days shovelling the area. While she's glad her kids are enjoying the rink, she would like the public to know about it so they can enjoy it too.

"I would love for the people of Winnipeg to come and enjoy themselves. It's a place where you can have a conversation with people, or, because it's quiet, just come and be you."

Bagu is adding some hay bails beside the river so people can sit in between, or use them to put their skates on. 

"It was just to get out of the house," she says as to why she keeps this up. "Yesterday I skated for a good 45 minutes to an hour. We all go on the river."