The Winnipeg airport was filled with singing once more as the wildfire firefighters flew back home.

Just over a month after arriving in Manitoba, a group of firefighters from South Africa has left after helping Manitoba with its wildfires. 

They arrived at the Winnipeg airport on August 11 and came through the doors of the airport singing together while carrying their countries flag. 

"The singing is part of our culture. In fact, when they are working, to get the rhythm working they tend to work in song," Trevor Abrahams, the groups' Managing Director, and team leader said when they initially arrived.

When they first came, Manitoba had a total of 143 wildfires. The new group focused their firefighting efforts up North and were based at a camp at Cold Lake, right near all the action.

The way they arrived is the same way the group departed Manitoba; smiling, singing, and carrying the South African flag. The group consisted of over 100 men and women that helped the province fight the ravaging blazes.

The wildfire firefighters headed back home on Thursday.