Two Winnipeg groups are competing to have their opinion regarding speed limits be heard.

One group, the SAFE SPEEDS in Winnipeg continues to petition to have residential speed limits be lowered to 30 km/h. A second group created in response to the 2019 petition does not have an organized name but is calling for Winnipeg to keep the 50 km/h speed limit on residential streets.

Both groups are appealing to the City of Winnipeg.

A petition called Keep the City of Winnipeg from lowering residential speed limit to 30 km/hr was created in response to SAFE SPEEDS. It was created by Winnipegger Scott Montague four days ago and has over one thousand signatures. 

"We feel the 50 km/hr will maintain a smoother traffic flow essential to the day to day business operations in our city, will continue to be beneficial for the travel of citizens and visitors in Winnipeg," Montague says in a statement.

The other organization, SAFE SPEEDS, has 441 supporters and many of its supporters are citing a lack of sidewalks as the main reason for their signatures. 

"Safe speeds save lives," SAFE SPEEDS says in a statement. "Safe speeds is about everyone's right to move safely."

The petition created by SAFE SPEEDS cites that September 2019 was the final deadline for the speed change but is still promoting their petition on its website.

Currently, in Winnipeg, drivers travelling on streets that do not have signage are required to drive at a maximum of 50 km/h, and 30 km/h in alleys. School Zones ask drivers to travel at 30 km/h.

Regardless of the petitions, the City of Winnipeg has the right to decide the speed limits due to a recent change in the law.

Municipalities now have the ability to alter speed limits within its jurisdiction, regardless of public campaign efforts. Previously, speed limits were regulated by the Manitoba Highway Traffic Board.