He got his start in small-town Manitoba, and now Jordan St. Cyr is being heard on radios throughout not only Canada but the United States.

St. Cyr's newest single, 'Fires,' is currently being added to radio stations across the U.S. In just a few weeks it's been added to almost 20 radio stations, and last week it debuted No. 47 on the Billboard Audience NCA chart.

For the Niverville, Man., native it's the first time on the Billboard charts.

"It's such a dream come true to have my song, 'Fires,' on the Billboard charts among so many other big songs in Christian music right now," St. Cyr says.

He also says that he's even grateful for a difficult season that his family has recently faced. Almost two years ago St. Cyr's youngest daughter, Emery, was born with a rare brain condition. It's been a hard road for the family, he says, but one they've been able to travel with God at their side.

"I couldn't be more grateful for this and for the season God walked me and my family through. The trial we've experienced has no doubt given this song the ability to have a greater impact. And I'm so excited how God is continuing to use it in people's lives in North America, and beyond, reminding us that no matter what we're going through He's right there with us."