Jordan St. Cyr played to a packed house in Winnipeg Tuesday night and shared with the audience his heart and vision for the future of his music ministry. 

St. Cyr and his band performed at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, performing many of his latest songs. St. Cyr has been writing and recording those new songs in Nashville the last few years, something he credits to fellow Made in Manitoba artist, Jaylene Johnson.

"She brought me on my first trip to Nashville," St. Cyr told the crowd in a Q & A session with CHVN's Mike Thom. "I'll never forget that . . . and it actually took me a year to recover. I thought I was good when I went down there, but those people just blew me away with how much better they are. And not just as musicians, but as human beings. They've really caused me to up my game."

And his game has risen. St. Cyr's latest singles have consistently been at the top of the Canadian Christian radio charts. He's also started to win awards for his songwriting on both sides of the border.

He says he's not too worried about recognition, but the awards are confirmation to keep pushing forward with his music career.

Ready for 'next steps'

It's that attention on both sides of the border that's encouraged St. Cyr to start taking next steps, which includes touring in the United States. That was the reason for Tuesday's concert, where he shared with the audience both his plans and his needs.

St. Cyr is now a registered missionary with Equip Canada, a Canadian missions training and response organization. The partnership allows him to partner with financial donors (and yes, donors receive tax receipts). St. Cyr told the crowd about his plans to buy a motorhome which they will retrofit for touring - that's the biggest need right now. Something they can tour comfortably and safely in, he said.

St. Cyr's heart for ministry and worship was on full display through the night.

"I don't like throwing my own shows in support of myself," he said backstage after the show. "That just goes against everything in my nature, but I felt called to do that. And so right before I went on I just felt peace - that all-consuming peace that we don't really understand but that we have when we're walking in God's grace."

Called to music

Calling is something St. Cyr touched on also in the Q & A. Over the last few years he's supported himself and his family - he's married with three kids, and one more on the way - doing flooring installation because it provided flexibility to continue to pursue music as well. At times, he told the audience, he had said to his wife over the years "Maybe I should go back to school. Or I could become an RCMP officer."

It was his wife, Heather's, reply that encouraged him to keep pushing and chasing after music. "What would you do with your spare time?" he said she asked him. "And I said I'd be writing music." Writing music about and for Jesus and the Church is something St. Cyr couldn't quite explain except that "It just burns within me. It's just what's in my heart."

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