Lord Stanley's Cup has been the center of many celebrations, but being toasted with somma borsht may be a first.

Washington Capital's Madison Bowey spent a part of his day at his home in Winnipeg with the Stanley Cup celebrating with his grandma Mary Schulz and her famous soup, buns and pickles. Schulz says she later realized she might be the only 87-year-old to sip somma borsht from the Stanley Cup.

"Every summer grandma makes a good batch," Bowey says, whose roots grow strong in Southern Manitoba with a number of relatives in and around the Plum Coulee area.

Looking back, he says growing up his late grandpa Schulz helped instill a love of sports.

"We would play catch in the backyard, we got to play a lot of sports out there, all my cousins were there," he says. "It was always special."

His mother Pamela Schulz-Bowey is a native of Plum Coulee, where his grandmother Mary Schulz has lived for almost 60 years

His mom Pamela adds she loved watching him play growing up. "The indoor rinks, the outdoor rinks, we just had a really good time."

This past season, his hockey career led him to the Stanley Cup Finals, playing 51 season games and earning 12 assists. Bowey says it was impressive how the team gelled despite the age difference among players.

"The older guys took us rookies under their wings, I think that was the biggest thing, the way we bonded really brought the team together and it's what we needed to get us over the hump."

Bowey helped the Washington Capitals to their Stanley Cup win in 2018.

Bowey and his number one fan