Steinbach Christian High School and Steinbach Bible College have subdivided the property they have shared for many years.

SCS principal Emery Plett says the move is all about preparing for the future. The schools operated as one until 1998, when they decided it made the most sense to operate independently of each other, as both schools have a distinct mission. The property subdivision is an extension of that. Plett outlines how they have split up the land.

"The property is pretty much going to be divided in half. The dormitory buildings and campus housing will stay with SBC and then we are designating a portion of the green space in the centre of our property (along Millwork Drive) for SBC to have some future building and growth there. SCS will take the main facility and the playground area that is beside it."

Plett says Steinbach Christian High is near capacity and would like to expand in the coming years, utilizing the space currently occupied by the Bible college.

"Part of the subdivision plan is to have space for SBC to build a new facility and then we (SCS) could expand into what is currently their side of the facility."

Plett notes SCS wants to expand and SBC is looking to be innovative and more flexible in the future, one option being to build on its parcel of land. But he says nothing is written in stone at this point.

"These are exciting times for both schools. Although we don't know exactly how things will evolve over the next five years, we are confident the work we are doing now will positively benefit both schools."