Steinbach Christian School (SCS) has seen remarkable growth and achievements over the past nine months, culminating in a graduating class that has doubled in size compared to the previous year.  

Principal Thor Barkman says there are 32 students this year and describes them as individuals who have, “embraced opportunities in music, athletics, and service, such as our impactful mission trip to Guatemala. These experiences have been pivotal, encouraging personal growth and fostering a strong sense of community within our school." 

Principal Barkman transitioned from a public-school background to lead SCS in September 2023. 

"This has been my first year as principal here, coming from the SRSS last year. So, it's been a year of significant change and growth and seeing our Grade 12 class thrive has been incredibly rewarding."

Steinbach Christian School Principal, Thor BarkmanSteinbach Christian School Principal, Thor Barkman.

He notes, among the highlights of the school year were the varsity volleyball team's success in reaching the AAA Provincial Finals and the meaningful service trip to Guatemala, where 12 students visited and supported their sister school.

"Being able to participate in chapel with kids work. To encourage kids and speak truth and invite them to develop their faith was a huge highlight for me." 

Principal Barkman notes he is grateful for the support from the community and local businesses providing funding through scholarships and awards. 

"We have received very generous support from various entities, including the Governor General's award and our own Timothy Award, which recognizes students for their academic excellence and strong Christian character.” 

Principal Barkman offers these words of encouragement to the graduating class. 

"I would like to encourage our graduates to be ambitious and confident. To know that the things you have learned here are going to serve you well. You have shown, by virtue of getting to graduation, a willingness to take on something hard, persevere and succeed at it. To believe that you can be responsible for small things and big things.”

Steinbach Christian School Grade 12's at their winter retreat (photo submitted)Steinbach Christian School Grade 12 students at their winter retreat. (Submitted)

Steinbach Christian School grad Valedictorian for 2024 is Malachi Goertzen.  

"I was chosen as valedictorian through a class election process, which was a humbling experience.” Goertzen talks about his high school experience. “I've really enjoyed the community atmosphere at SCS, it's definitely unique to this school. I really think there's something special here. I've always felt like I belonged here, and I've noticed over the years that everyone has a place here." 

Looking ahead, Malachi notes his plans after graduation will include continuing his work at Sobeys and pursuing political science and French language studies at the University of Manitoba. 

Malachi hopes to encourage his classmates with Isaiah 41:13. “I know there is a lot of anxiety, it's going to be a big change going out into the world, many don't exactly know where they are going to be going. But I want to encourage them with don't fear. We can trust God's plan for our lives." 

The SCS graduation ceremony is taking place at Blumenort Community Church on Friday, with a reception following at the SCS.