The generosity continues to flow in for a young boy from Morris facing health challenges. 

After facing grand mal seizures for two years, eleven-year-old Maddox Just and his family received news that he has a brain tumour. It is approximately the size of a walnut and is on the top left side of his brain.   

Nine-year-old Charlie Berg of Morris decided to fundraise for his new friend Maddox by drawing Winnipeg Jets players, but it was his mother Jennifer, who recently received a surprise from a community member. 

“We have had an overwhelming response from a wonderful woman in the Steinbach area. She donated $1000 to Maddox and Charlie, of which $900 goes to Maddox and $100 goes to Charlie for his craft supplies.” 

The woman heard about Charlie’s fundraiser for Maddox on the radio and decided to message Jennifer to donate to the cause. When Jennifer received the etransfer notification, she couldn’t believe the amount. 

“I literally choked on my coffee when I got that donation. I couldn't believe it, somebody donated $1000,” she recalls. 

Charlie’s most recent fundraising goal of $2500 has been quickly surpassed with many generous donations. 

“We've also had other donations in denominations of $25 and more that go to Maddox. Charlie's new total is $3000.” 

However, it doesn’t end there. The woman who donated $1000 has a challenge for the community. 

“She also mentioned that she would love for people to pool their donations together to match her donation. At the time that she said that, I didn't know what she was donating, and now that I do. So, I would love to challenge the listeners to see if they can pull together and match her donations for Maddox.” 

Those interested in donating and receiving a drawing can contact Jennifer at or at 204-872-2632. 

With files from Corny Rempel.