The Forks wants to take you on a tour around the area to promote their eco goals as a celebration of Earth Day.

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22, and The Forks wants you to join them for four special Target Zero Eco Tours at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Visitors will learn how The Forks is working to minimize their carbon footprint on this 40-minute walking tour. Different sites on the tour include:

  • Active/eco transportation and biofuel
  • The BIOVATOR composter
  • The budding public orchard or the geothermal loops that keep The Forks energized

"The Eco Tours were invented to teach our visitors about clean energy and how to help the Earth and our site stay green," said CEO Paul Jordan in a release. "We've made an effort and a goal to be as environmentally conscious as possible in how we operate - it's something we focus on year-round, not only on Earth Day."

The Forks' green initiative is aiming for zero garbage, zero water waste and zero carbon emissions.

With over four million visitors a year, The Forks keeps it green by:

  • Re-using wasted vegetable oil to run five on-site maintenance vehicles and Zamboni
  • Using a geothermal heat pump system that uses energy stored in the earth, river and ground water, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 42% and preventing 448 tonnes of CO2e from being released in the air
  • Composting their organic waste from their on-site restauants and food vendors, hotel, yard clippings (which make up 80% of the "garbage") and using the soil in the public orchard and prairie garden
  • Planting more than 500 trees in the last ten years with more planted each year

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