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Exercise can reduce your chance of a fall

Hips can be an especially big problem for elderly individuals when it comes to falls and trips, Dr. Trevor Clark says.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association in June 2019, the independence of older adults can be greatly diminished when mobility is lessened from a fall.

"In this study, researchers observed seniors who started an exercise program after a serious fall had a 26 per cent reduced risk for falls in the following year," shared Clark.

 "So exercise can reduce your risk for falls... and help you live a healthier lifestyle."

Limit coffee to six cups a day

Coffee can be the fuel behind someone's day, so it makes sense why many people ask how much coffee is too much coffee to be drinking in a day.

"There's some research on that," says Clark.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said in May 2018 that coffee consumption should be limited to six cups a day. 347,000 individuals surveyed showed that those who drank six or more cups of coffee in a day had a 22 per cent increased risk for heart disease than those who drank fewer cups.

Clark says, "there is research out there that shows the health benefits of drinking coffee, however, there is a limit."

Reduce your chance of chronic pain

Chronic pain in parts of your body, including your neck, can be less likely to occur with the proper precautions taken.

"A systemic research review found that for adults with non-traumatic neck pain, having concurrent back pain or being over the age of 40 are associated with greater pain intensity," says Clark.

Patients with headaches at the same time, or one or more previous episodes of neck pain were more likely to still be experiencing neck pain up to a year later.

"Bottom line, if you're experiencing neck pain... you want to get it looked at as soon as possible," Clark advised.

Fender bender? Get checked by chiro.

No matter how big your traffic issue was, it is advisable to seek an appointment to be checked by a chiropractor. Even fender benders can mean significant trauma for your body.

Low-velocity accidents, says Graphic Injury Prevention (May 2019), can result in lasting discomfort and bodily damage.

The study looked at 83 car accident claims and according to researchers, 77 per cent of claimants reported low back pain following an accident; 70 per cent of whom were involved in rear-end collisions and 40 per cent of which had been traveling at low velocity at the time of impact.

"Many times [there is] no crumpling of the vehicle," Clark explained, comparing the impact against the car to that of a tin can which has been crushed. This can be problematic because it means the driver has often absorbed the majority of the vehicle's impact, rather than the car itself.

"Pain may not present right away after an accident; many times you have a lot of adrenaline in your system," said Clark, "so even if there's no pain after a car accident, it's still a good idea to get checked out."

Exercise can be beneficial for pregnancy

Dr. Jane Peterson says that exercise can be especially important during pregnancy."

Research reports that women who exercise during pregnancy have a reduced risk for excessive gestational weight gain, gestational diabetes, and symptoms of post-partum depression.

"This shows how important exercise is for everyone," said Peterson.

"The one thing to keep in mind is that you always have to do what you're comfortable with doing. If you've never exercised before, this isn't the time to start with vigourous exercise routines."

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