Christian artist Tauren Wells is partnering with the Tim Tebow Foundation to help stop human trafficking the best way he knows, through music. 

Wells wrote and released the song 'All God's Children' to help raise money to fight human trafficking, especially those that are being sexually exploited. 

He and his wife have three sons, which was part of what brought this passion alive inside of him. As a father he felt he had to help fight for children who don't have a voice. 

"It's a terrible reality [that] these kids are being abused sexually over five times a day. I have kids, I have three little boys and my mind cannot imagine or fathom me never seeing them one day and knowing this is their reality. So I had to do something," Wells said during a video interview with The Christian Post. 

Roughly 40 million women, men, and children are being exploited in the world today, which is more than any other time in human history. 

As for the USA, Wells says, "Houston is the number one hub for sex trafficking. So this is a problem that exists in the cities that we live in. You may think, 'not my city!' It's happening in your city! Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening."

Wells now lives in Houston, TX with his family. The new reality of how rampant human trafficking is caused Wells to do something about it. Not knowing where to start, he saw that his friend Tim Tebow's foundation has been focussing on this situation for 12 years. 

"This had to be the Lord because ... it was like 'instead of starting your own fight, why don't you join Tim in his?' I think so many times these things seem so big and we feel like [when] we have to do something, it's got to be big, instead of looking around and seeing what are people already doing and how can I participate?" 

That's when Wells realized that he could use the gift God had given him, his voice, to help with the issue. 

"I think our intentions are right, we just need direction for our intentions. That was the hope of this song," he says. "There [are] well-intentioned people like myself, like my wife, who want to do something, but don't know where to start. Well, with 'All God's Children' you can start by streaming. It's that easy. Every stream breaks chains."

Without promotion, Wells and Tebow encouraged people to stream the song for a 24 hour challenge in January this year. The song went No. 1 on iTunes and reached the Top 40 on Apple Music.

"We need people to pray. We need people to intercede. Intercede means to pray in the Spirit on behalf of someone else and we need that happening," says Wells.