The Teddy Bears Picnic was such a success this year that some of the bears didn't want to leave!

Tanya Williams, the spokesperson for the children's hospital foundation of Manitoba said the Teddy bears picnic went "extremely well."

Williams was excited to announce, "Over 35-40,000 kids, stuffies and guardians came to celebrate under sunny skies."

"We don't have final numbers in," said Williams as the foundation is still adding up all the donations collected from the 50/50, Bear Ears, and much more. 

This year there were a few new activities for the kids to enjoy and each one was a hit!

These new activities included the Bear Hair Care tent where lots of kids got their hair cut for the first time.

"They did really well and they weren't scared and they really enjoyed their experience," said William as she expects the Hair Care tent will become a staple activity at the picnic.

The new entertainment was also a hit including new groups like Double Trouble and the Summer Bear Dance Troop took the stage for the first time.

There were so many touching and creative stories from the kids who visited the Dr. Good Bear clinic this year.

Williams shared some of the stories she heard of why some of the bears needed to visit the clinic including a bear with a broken back, and a bear who was told to eat less sugar and one that had eaten a fence.

The Picnic was so much fun, some of these stuffies did not want to leave. The well-loved stuffies are now at the Children's Hospital waiting for their families to claim them and take them home!