"I want to share with you how I got it, what we did, because I think a lot of you have heard about COVID but maybe not from someone who's had it." This is from the lead singer from Tenth Avenue North who's now recovering from the virus. 

Mike Donehey recently contracted COVID-19 and spoke about it on his Instagram page with a video. 

Donehey starts off with, "So three weeks ago I got COVID."

The video is from his home in Nashville, while Donehey sports what he calls an "epic pandemic ponytail". 

He says there are two extreme sides of thought when it comes to the virus. One group is petrified and don't ever want to leave their house. The other extreme thoughts are those who believe it's a conspiracy and that the virus isn't real. 

Donehey says, "No, it's real. I got it and let me tell you about it."

Donehey is a father to four daughters and when everything starting shutting down, they stayed inside a lot. 

After three months of not seeing people, things start lifting, and Donehey, his wife, and kids went down to South Florida, where they are from. 

On the trip, while staying socially distant from other people, Donehey and his family stayed with other family friends. The father of that family mentioned that one of his counselled patients just tested positive for the virus after Donehey had left. 

To be safe, Donehey's four daughters got tested and one of his daughters tested positive for coronavirus, however, she didn't present any symptoms. The couple didn't think much of it until a few days later.

Donehey says, "Five days later I wake up in the middle of the night with a fever, chills and I [thought] I'm glad we quarantined, I think I've got it. "

He says the symptoms he experienced were quite terrible for six days. "I was in a fetal position just wanting it to be over."

A weird symptom he experienced that no one talks about, is that he lost his sense of smell and taste. 

As bad as it was, Donehey shares, "I was really fortunate. I've been a runner my whole life and after ten days, I was back running."

The family is asking for prayers as Donehey's wife now has the virus. 

He ends the video asking, "I know this is so hard for all of us, do what you can."


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