Thanksgiving dinner is still being served to those experiencing homelessness this weekend, but it'll look a little different. 

"This year is going to be a challenge for the Thanksgiving meal and things will definitely look different," says Luke Thiessen the Communications Manager at Siloam Mission. "We're trying to do the best we can and provide something that's as close to that meal as possible for as many people as possible."

During a normal holiday meal, Siloam tries to provide a family-style setting where anyone that needs it can come into their dining hall and be served a warm home-cooked meal. 

"Given the restrictions and pandemic, a lot of things have changed. We won't be serving people at their tables and bringing in all the extra volunteers."

Often people come in for Thanksgiving or Christmas as extra helping hands to bring the food to people's tables. Theissen says he's sad that it won't be the way they normally do it, creating an atmosphere of a family gathering.  

"Normally during holiday meals, we bring in a bunch of our long-term volunteers, people who love to come during those meals and actually serve people at their tables. Of course, those tables would be full and we'd have a packed house," says Thiessen. 

However, this year they will not be able to have anyone who is not already affiliated with Siloam enter the building this coming weekend.

"We're limiting it to people just staying in our shelter. Approximately 100 people will be allowed to eat indoors."

At full capacity, Siloam's dining hall can fit 400 people seated.

"Everybody else will be given a take out meal at the front door. The one nice thing is that we still do have all the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving feast and we've also been generously donated some fantastic takeout containers."

While not everyone can eat inside due to the guidelines of level orange during COVID, people are still welcome to come and grab a hot meal.