Made in Manitoba, Juno award-winning band, The Color, is looking to the community for support rather than lose creative control to a record label. 

Ahead of a massive debut in the U.S and breaking onto the international stage, The Color is turning down record deals in favour of remaining independent, producing music and crafting songs of hope without possible interference from label executives.

Since their initial invitation to the local business community this past fall, the band has raised over half of their $100,000 U.S tour costs.

"We've found this community incredibly supportive over the years," lead singer Jordan Janzen says, noting an international launch is an expensive venture. Seeing half the goal raised is encouraging, he says.

Guitarist James Shiels says they took another opportunity this week to share their hearts again with the local business community and the ways their platform has opened the doors for ministry and sharing the gospel with thousands of teens and adults.

"There's a lot of people in this area that care about people being impacted for a great cause," Shiels says. "We want to be diligent with the platform and the opportunities we've been given."

The band has also partnered with World Vision and will be travelling to India to learn more about the child sponsorship taking place there. Steve Lensink of World Vision Canada says the most impressive aspect is The Color's belief in their mission and message, "it's in their DNA."

Since partnering with World Vision four years ago, more than 1000 children have been sponsored at The Color concerts.

The band has also partnered with organizations like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada.

Will Graham, the grandson to the renowned preacher Billy Graham, was impressed by the quartet's passion for sharing the Gospel. "We only work with people who love evangelism," he says.

It's the reason the band says they hope to remain independent, even as costs to expand are looming.

The band recently released a new single, Let It Be Love, alongside a new music video.

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