From portaging across the Esplanade Riel Bridge to becoming part of a human wheelbarrow, this weekend, several people will make their way to the Forks to take part in the Inaugural Great Manitoba Portage, hosted by the Manitoba Camping Association.

Liz Kovach, Executive Director of the Manitoba Camping Association describes what the day will look like...

Kovach says the ultimate goal of this event is to increase the awareness of the association, as well as camp itself, and to find more financial support for the children.

The Inaugural Great Manitoba Portage will take place on Saturday May 245h. Registration is at 8am, with the event starting at 9am.

All funds collected will go to the Sunshine Fund, a program of the Manitoba Camping Association that provides less fortunate children the opportunity to attend an accredited summer camp.

For more information visit the Manitoba Camping Association website or call Liz at 204-784-1134.