It's been a short work week but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some great news happening here and around the globe. 

Cycling Grandpa at it again, biking longest continuous ride

At 65 years old, Arvid Loewen will be putting his body, and mind, to the test once again this Saturday, attempting his longest singular bike ride.

"This Saturday at 7:00 a.m. at Birds Hill Park I will be starting what I call the longest non-stop bike ride," says Loewen of Winnipeg.

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CAIN sister becomes first-time mother

After an emergency c-section, Madison Cain Johnson is grateful to be holding her new baby and recovering. 

"Yesterday was so physically painful, so stressful, and yet so beautiful!" says Johnson on Instagram. "I’ll share my birth story later, but long story short, almost everything went wrong."

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Don’t Miss Out: Daring to believe life is better with the Holy Spirit

Jeannie Cunnion, a pastor’s kid and life-long Jesus follower who became a Christian at eight, found herself knee-deep in questions such as: Do I rely on the power of God’s Spirit inside me, or am I trying to do life in my strength? How can I experience more of His presence? Why do I keep struggling with things I’ve been set free from? These questions led her to discover more about the Holy Spirit and entirely rely on Him for the answers.

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Churches stepping up after Kentucky floods kill at least 37

Heavy storms and flooding killed at least 37 people across Eastern Kentucky last week. Infrastructure damage made it hard to even reach some communities.

Between 30 to 40 bridges washed out in Pike County alone. In Letcher County, mud destroyed the city hall and damaged the town bank, pharmacy, and post office. Some schools suffered enough damage they may not reopen at the normal time.

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How this former addict got a new car thanks to 176 Bible verses

A local woman is getting a second chance at her job and her life after beating an intense addiction. 

"I found myself deep in Fentanyl addiction, which, I'm thankful to be alive today," says Michelle Owens. 

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Christian aid workers released in Ukraine after alleged beating by Russian troops

Ten Christian aid workers, volunteers and refugees of the ministry Orphan’s Promise have been released in Ukraine, after being reportedly beaten by Russian troops.

"God is good! Thank you for your prayers. All volunteers are alive and have been released (even though they have been beaten severely and tortured and one is currently in a hospital after a heart attack)," said Orphan's Promise Director Nataliya Khomyak.

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Dan Bremnes journeys 'Into the Wild' with his new album

It's been a busy year for Canadian recording artist Dan Bremnes. In June 2022, Bremnes released his new album, Into The Wild

'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'Run Away With Me' and his latest single, 'Hold Me Tight' are just some of the singles off the album that are already impacting lives across the globe.

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Unite Productions announces Pat Barrett Canadian tour this September

Cross-Canada Christian concerts are slowly coming back, and Unite Productions has announced that Pat Barrett will be leading the way. 

"Unite has been in the Christian live event space for 22 years now, although we were shut down for two years," says Paul Kelly, the President and Founder of Unite Productions Inc. "We refunded 9,000 tickets and didn't sell any in the last two years. We normally sell 60,000 tickets per year across the country."

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'I believe the gospel still works in 2022 if we'll give it the chance to work'

The Believers Church in Winnipeg is excited to see growth in their community including from many different backgrounds and cultures.

"About 11 years ago I was approached by the then senior pastor who was looking to step back and eventually retire," says Senior Pastor Wayne Bustard. "I came on board with what was back then Wide World of Faith Church. Shortly after I became Senior Pastor."

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Queen's message to Bishops: Jesus' teachings have guided her life

A meeting of Bishops from 165 countries in London this week has Queen Elizabeth II addressing them with a letter of faith and hope.

The Lambeth Conference was postponed for the past two years and were finally able to meet once again. 

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