It's been a busy year for Canadian recording artist Dan Bremnes. In June 2022, Bremnes released his new album, Into The Wild

'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'Run Away With Me' and his latest single, 'Hold Me Tight' are just some of the singles off the album that are already impacting lives across the globe.

"I wrote 'Hold Me Tight' in September of 2020. And honestly, it was just a hard time, obviously for everyone," said Bremnes. "I had a few friends that were struggling with their mental health. And so much so that, you know, they were having thoughts of, of taking their own life. It hit me hard."

He felt called to write a song but didn't know how. 

He began flipping through the notes on his phone, a place where he likes to write down ideas for songs, and he came across one that said, don't worry.

"I just sat there at the piano, and I started writing. The first thought that came into my head was, this is a cheesy, horrible song, but I'm going to power through it because it's all I have to say right now," Bremnes explained. "I thought it was gonna be a song nobody cared about." And when I listened back, I was like, I think there's something here."

Dan says he wrote the majority of his new album during the pandemic. 

"It was weird because we all had a lot of time, but I didn't write any music until the fall of 2020," said Dan. "I'm thankful for that season."

Another song that came out of that time is 'Run Away With Me'. It's not a typical Dan Bremnes worship song but a love song. 

"I was with a few friends, and we were writing. We're like, what should we write today? We were all just like, everything is cancelled. We can't go anywhere. We can't do anything. And we're like, let's find some hope. If any time is the time to dream, it's now," Bremnes explained. "We were sort of like, where would we go if we could? We're all married, so we're like, where would we take our wife if we could take our wife anywhere right now? Let's dream a little bit in this sort of dark moment. That's where it came from."

The video for that song was shot on a private island in Belize alongside his wife, Brittney, a dream come true.

"I guess the idea behind it was to sort of to create a little bit of a sparkle during a dark time."

Dan is currently preparing to go on tour this fall. He will also perform at a few festivals throughout the summer.

Today on Connections, Dan talks about the new album and what he's been up to. He'll also chat about his song, 'Run Away With Me' and whether or not love songs should be played on Christian radio.