Lighthouse Mission, Union Gospel Mission, and Siloam Mission are making changes to their everyday work with Winnipeg's homeless population.

Lighthouse Mission

Lighthouse Mission says that because they operate out of a small space they needed to find a new way to feed people while practicing social distancing.

"We are taking care of our community the best we are able to," Beverly Ajtay, Lighthouse Mission's Operations Manager says. "They still get a smiling face."

Instead of meeting in the dining room, guests are being given their lunches in to-go bags. Staff is still answering questions about services but are being cautious to practice social distancing.

Ajtay says she is prepared to make any changes that may be instructed by the province in the upcoming days and weeks.

Union Gospel Mission

UGM has said they are changing how they go about their day-to-day activities but plans on still helping everyone who comes to them.

In order to accommodate increased volumes of people, UGM is placing time restrictions on their drop-in services and limiting the number of people at a time in common areas such as the dining room. 

"You are balancing your love and your care for people struggling with poverty and addiction with those directives and you throw in a third dynamic that is our faith," Frank Ulrich, Executive Director of UGM says.

Union Gospel Mission is hoping to receive donations of hand sanitizer as it has recently become hard to find in the city.

Siloam Mission

Jim Bell, CEO of Siloam Mission, says that the organization made the decision to limit their operating hours and to suspend volunteer shifts, with the exception of their health services, to help protect their community.

"Everyone knows that at Siloam, volunteer services are part of our lifeblood," Bell says. "We are paying very close attention." 

Bell adds that he is thankful to see his staff members stepping up to fill the void left by missing volunteers as well as donors who have still been sharing supplies with the organization. 

Siloam Mission is prepared to make changes as they anticipate new instructions regarding COVID-19 to continue.