Three young polar bears at the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre have moved to meet their friends in the Journey to Churchill exhibit.

Cubs Blizzard and Star arrived at the IPBCC at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in September after being orphaned on the coast of Hudson's Bay, while Humphrey - little brother to the exhibit's first bear, Hudson - made the trip from the Toronto Zoo in March.

Now the three have been moved into the Sea Ice Passage section of the Journey to Churchill Exhibit, while the remaining four bears - Hudson, Aurora, Kaska and Storm - will be on exhibit in the Churchill Coast area.

The Zoo's curator Gary Lunsford says now that the three young bears have grown in size, it is a good time to move them to the exhibit.

Lunsford says the three will eventually be introduced to Kaska and Aurora, who are more similar in size, before meeting the much larger Hudson and Storm.

The Zoo says now that there are no polar bears left at the IPBCC, the enclosure there will be closed.

Watch below for a clip of Humphrey, Blizzard and Star getting their first look at their new home.