Severe thunderstorms continue to batter southern Manitoba, with several areas falling under a tornado warning on Thursday evening. 

The first tornado warning came in at 7:50 p.m. as Environment Canada meteorologists tracked a storm near Riverside, Man., just northwest of the town of Morris.

Several other warnings quickly sprang up over the next hour as super-cell storms moved quickly through the region. 

Meteorologists said the storms may have been producing tornados at the time of the warnings, but no confirmations of any tornados have been given yet.

As of 8:48 p.m. the last tornado warning, which was for the community of Emerson, Man., was ended.

Earlier in the afternoon several areas of Winnipeg were hit hard by storms producing hail, heavy downpours, and strong winds. Lawns and roads were left covered in white as the storms moved out.

More rain is possible overnight for Winnipeg and much of the Red River Valley. Environment Canada says that thunderstorms may also return late Friday afternoon. You can find your full seven-day forecast and weather radar here.