Pop-up ski library season has officially started, and WinterPeg is planning for another winter with more outdoor fun activities.

As part of a pandemic-risen project for Winnipeg Trails, WinterPeg encourages people to find winter fun happening near them. 

"It spawned out of the Pandemic, and the challenges that families were facing with libraries, schools, pools or anything open and we realized that we could help by bringing those kinds of fun activities to people as we approach the winter," says Executive Director of Winnipeg Trails, Anders Swanson.

A call-out was sent out to the public to donate old or unused equipment like skis and snowshoes and Swanson says the response was incredible and a lot of equipment was gathered. With the generosity of the community, the mobile ski library program was created. 

The pop-up sites offer a variety of skis so that everyone can participate in the fun winter activity.

"We have other things available, like snowshoes, and kick sleds, and not all skis are created the same and not all people have the same ability to ski but we take accessibility really seriously. So, we have things like sit skis which are for a person if they have limited or no use of their legs for example. We also have wheel blades which attach to wheelchairs."

They also have gliders to put infants in while parents go for a trek.

When visitors arrive there will be staff and volunteers to help them get ready to go on the trails. Sizing of people's boots and poles will be taken, what type of skis they need and then visitors will be set to go for a ride.

Two events are taking place tomorrow, the first one is at the Bourkevale Community Centre for their Winter Celebration event from 1-4 p.m. They have their own ski library, and the adaptive ski specialists from WinterPeg will be making their way to the event to help out, and there will be other great events as well.

The second event is at Whyteridge Community Centre, from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

View the WinterPeg website for more information about these events, the mobile ski library future locations and more small events.