A local mission organization is musically reflecting on the impact God is having on their work.

Union Gospel Mission (UGM), along with the help of Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA), has created a new song praising God.

Martin Chidwick from UGM says that the team worked very hard on the piece of music, noting they had been planning to create music for some time.

"It has been in the works for quite a little while," he says.

UGM's "Secure in His Hands" was a team effort. The song's lyrics were written by UGM, Corneli Cloete, the wife of one of UGM's chaplains, wrote the music, and Michelle Peters from New Life Sanctuary performed the song.

"It is all about the focus of hands," Chidwick says. UGM has been collecting homemade art throughout the pandemic, decorating their location with it. "We feel extraordinarily blessed because we are in the hands of Jesus."

Chidwick says that the lyrics came as a "moment of inspiration" to him but putting it to music and recording was a whole other story. Enlisting the help of Corneli, they were able to create the song.

"Piecing it together was quite the process," he says. "I was quite blown away when I understood the process that goes behind a recording."

He adds that there were a lot of prayers said during the songwriting process, asking God for inspiration and guidance."

"Because (Corneli follows) the Lord's leading, they have to pray through this and become inspired themselves to come up with the music, which is what happened."

The song, "Secure in His Hands," is the first single to be released by the mission organization. The worship song speaks about trusting God.

"We have seen incredible delivery from God with those people who are in helpless situations," Chidwick says. "Just seeing Him at work we wanted to share what the Lord blessed us with."

The song was a way UGM could "give back" to those who have offered a helping hand throughout the pandemic. Chidwick says, for him, that the music helps amplify the work UGM does and how much God has touches their work.

UGM says they have more music in the works that they hope to share with their community.