A unique training centre has opened up in the heart of the West End. 

Dmytro Oliinyk came to Canada two years ago from Ukraine, and about two months ago, he helped to start up The Win Training Center.

"We had the same centre in Ukraine, and we wanted to show it here as well to give children and teenagers an opportunity to what we had there," said Oliinyk.

The hope is that this centre will help children and teenagers learn that they can communicate and live without gadgets.

"We have two programs in progress. It's Rubik Cube Club and Mafia club, " Oliinyk explained. "Mafia is a role-play speaking game which develops kids' and teenagers' public speaking, self-confidence, discussion skills, and ability to freely say thoughts. It also makes them more resistant to conflict and stressful situations."

Currently, the Mafia club is only open to Ukrainians. Meanwhile, the Rubik Cube club is open to anyone interested in breaking down the language barrier wall. 

"Our main goal is to give safe and developing space for clients without any gadgets," said Oliinyk.

The centre is open every Saturday to children and youth between 8-17 years old. 

"We have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. We post everything there."

The Win Training Centre is located at 888 Sargent Avenue.