Shirley is a spunky dance teacher with a spring in her step. The person who nominated her for Undercover Valentine, however, reveals that she is even more than that to her students.

Her undercover valentine stated that:
"I would like to nominate Miss Shirley who is my dance teacher at Shirley's Dance Studio. She has given me the gift of dance. Dancing is like dreaming with your feet. She has helped me to dream again. But more than that she is my friend and [feels like] a Mom, [since] I do not have one anymore. She is kind and giving of her time to myself and so many others. She has a warm big smile for all. She gives of herself. She gives the biggest part of herself which is her heart. Her motherly love is like a cozy blanket. I just want to give back and honour this wonderful and amazing woman. She has touched me so much with love and cared for me without any thought of return. I look up to her and she is a blessing. A million thanks, Miss Shirley and big hugs! Thank you CHVN for at the very least allowing me to let someone else know this Lady is real class. Have a great day."

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